past evaluation projects

Structural / Seismic Evaluation & Upgrades

Buildings get old. Codes change. Unexpected things happen.

Peterson Structural Engineers offers comprehensive engineering consulting services to evaluate and assess buildings (and other structures) to address a number of common scenarios. We understand how to work with the challenges presented by older buildings like missing or incomplete original construction documents, unknown building materials or site conditions, undocumented building changes, damage from previous events, inaccessibility to certain areas, how to minimize disruptions for occupied buildings, and preservation of historical elements.

Common Structural & Seismic Evaluations

  • Historic building and aging structures
  • Damage assessments (due to fire, earthquake, snow, wind, collision, and other damage)
  • Changes in buildng code requirements
  • Voluntary upgrades
  • Change in Occupancy upgrades per City requirements
  • Fire escape testing, repair, and certification per City requirements
  • Financial lender and/or insurance provider requirements

Services Offered

  • Site visit to observe the as-built construction
  • Review of any original or subsequent building drawings or information
  • Review of building code requirements at the time of construction and current requirements
  • Non-destructive testing, as needed (ground penetrating radar, steel thickness measurements, corrosion measurements)
  • Destructive testing, as needed, with assistance from third party testing agencies (concrete strength, masonry strength, steel strength, etc.)
  • Evaluation of the structure per current code requirements
  • Evaluation of the structure per ASCE 41-13 Seismic Evaluation & Retrofit of Existing Buildings
  • Generation of evaluation reports identifying potential deficiencies
  • Generation of conceptual upgrades
  • Structural analysis and design of new upgrades to address specific items and/or to bring the structure up to current code requirements or to alternate requirements when applicable (ASCE 41/City of Portland 24.85)
  • Generation of structural construction documents for the upgrades
  • Construction services during upgrade construction