Washington-Jefferson Skatepark

 W-J Skatepark test ride

Pan Arab Games Monster

Opening Ceremony with Monster

Washington Park Reservoir

Washington Park Reservoirs

Private Residence

Sunriver Home exterior

McMillin 33-MG Reservoirs

McMillin Reservoirs aerial

Bonneville Fish Count Antenna Housing

antenna housing in transit

Bonney Lake 15-MG Reservoir

Bonney Lake Reservoir

Conestoga Recreation Center Expansion

Conestoga Rec Center

TVWD Sludge Dewatering Facility

Dewatering Facility

Hayden Bridge Filtration Plant Evaluation

Hayden Bridge Filter Plant

Disney's Maleficent Dragon

Malificent in Parade

Newport Merchant Ship Salvage

Merchant Ship during salvage

Misc Clean Water Services Projects

mixer basin

North Hills Reservoir Evaluation

existing reservoir

Police Training Center Revnovation

building entrance

Pearl Design Center


City of Portland Low Tank


NW Park & Flanders Building

building entrance

Snyder Park Reservoir & Pump Station


St. Brides Farm

exterior in Fall

Historic 210 Building Renovation

building exterior

Thompson Hill Reservoir


THPRD Misc Projects

building exterior

West Tualatin View Elementary Damage

entryway damage

Project Experience

Our most common projects are municipal and public facilities, water and wastewater treatment plants, water storage reservoirs, waterfront and port facilities, commercial and industrial buildings, parks and recreation facilities, and trail and/or light duty bridges.  This gallery is just a mere sampling of the projects we've worked on over the years and what we’re capable of.  We look forward to working with you.