varied reservoirs

Water Reservoir Design Experts

The design, analysis and upgrade, really the whole scientific theory, of water containment structures is a unique specialty in the profession of structural engineering. How fluids act in static environments is relatively simple. However, and conversely, fluids in a dynamic environment act in very complex ways. The application of impulsive and convective, vertical and overall dynamic effects of an incompressible fluid on different sizes, shapes and materials of water containment structures requires extensive engineering experience. Peterson Structural Engineers has that experience.

Over the last half-century Peterson Structural Engineers has established ourselves as one of the Pacific Northwest's premiere structural engineering firms for reservoir design and rehabilitation. During the last fifteen years alone, we have provided structural engineering services for more than eighty reservoir projects including thirty-one new construction designs. All of our engineers receive specialized in-house training and highly competent in the seismic/structural evaluation of existing tanks as well as new tank design.

PSE has exceptional historical knowledge of reservoir design, both in terms of construction best practices and also governing building code development. We have collaborated on projects with all of the major contractors in the Northwest and gained institutional knowledge of the unique design requirements for different reservoir types. PSE can properly assess the challenges and benefits of each tank design and communicate the best options with design team partners and Owner.