Public Art & Other Structures

A masonry wall, a bolted steel connection, minimum footing depths; these are all typical engineering questions that we address every day. Design and construction methodologies are well-documented in various design codes and well-known to building officials and contractors alike.   However, what happens when a project is not addressed by the code; when the design requirements are unique to the project or on the cutting edge of innovation – beyond the scope or knowledge of the industry?   A kinetic art sculpture, a repurposed Conex box-turned house, or an amusement park exhibit would all require structural engineering but their unique requirements might pose a variety of unconventional challenges.

Peterson Structural Engineers has spent the last 40+ years addressing just such issues.   Ranging from the relatively simple to entirely complex structures with multiple moving and actuated parts; we have the expertise to help clients with non-standard and/or innovative design projects.

We can provide engineering design services for all the projects and scenarios listed below but that's not all.   Just ask.

Common Requests

  • Public Art / Sculptures
  • Exhibition / Entertainment
  • Display Walls
  • Signs / Awnings
  • Retaining Walls
  • Temporary Fabric Tents / Structures