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Structural Engineering for Tenant Improvements

The sign of any successful business is the need to expand and upgrade. Whether it is the alteration of your existing space or tailoring a new space to meet your needs, a variety of structural systems and components are likely to be impacted. The removal of walls, expansion of covered spaces, or the addition of floor levels all come with a range of structural design challenges that will need to be addressed as part of the permitting process.

Peterson Structural Engineers can provide the structural design support required to make your improvements a success. PSE has an extensive background working with municipalities throughout Oregon and Washington, architects, contractors, and interior designers. PSE is familiar with the building codes covering new, existing, and historic structures along with the requirements for their upgrade. We can ask the right questions in order to simplify and streamline permitting and we can work with your contractors and designers to develop simple and cost-effective upgrades.

Common Needs & Services

  • Preliminary Structural Inspection to determine possible upgrade scope
  • Identification of Structural Systems
  • Structural & Seismic Upgrades
  • Coordination with Architect and/or Design-Builder
  • Plan and design review
  • Coordination with the City Inspectors and permitting offices
  • Evaluation of existing structures for Change or Use or Occupancy
  • Retrofit and Upgrade of Structural Connection to meet seismic requirements
  • Structural design calculations and drawings for permitting