Commercial & Industrial

Analysis, evaluation and design services for new and renovated facilities for commercial and industrial clients.

Commercial and industrial structural engineering projects often require a quick turn-around, efficient designs and the coordination around a multitude of design disciplines and equipment needs. PSE’s familiarity with these types of projects enables us to navigate each project’s unique circumstances and provide practical design solutions.

Our engineers utilize cutting-edge design tools and software and provide modeling expertise for projects in locations throughout the world.


PSE provides services for a variety of commercial applications and clients including new building designs, existing building evaluations, upgrades and repairs, as well as tenant improvements, modernizations, seismic strengthening, and more. The nature of these services varies depending on the type of structure and its intended use. For existing building evaluations, PSE has extensive experience in performing analysis and, if needed, generating recommendation for improvements.

Occasionally, a building is in such a state of disrepair that there is concern for public safety. These projects may involve setting immediate use restrictions to a structure while repairs are performed. We provide analysis of existing structures for current code compliance using available as-built documentation; or for those lacking documentation, we can draw upon our decades of experience and historical data to evaluate a structure. From our investigations, we provide upgrade and improvement or modification options which balance lifecycle costs versus system risk. We then make recommendations to our clients to help accomplish a reasonable approach to upgrades. PSE’s expertise includes historic renovations of buildings and other structures, including the addition of rooftop equipment and other structural support systems. PSE works in partnership with other design disciplines and project stakeholders to develop customized and functional solutions for commercial spaces.

  • We know how to work successfully within a multidisciplinary team

  • We’re well-versed in balancing practical structural needs with overall design vision


PSE provides structural analysis, evaluation, and design services for new and renovated industrial facilities as well as a variety of individual structural elements as part of larger plants. From foundation and anchorage design for equipment and machinery, to structural support for processing, manufacturing and distribution plants, and warehouses, PSE understands the functional requirements in industrial applications. We continuously face and overcome the challenges of interfacing with complex mechanical systems and the need for efficiency.

PSE has developed designs for industrial support structures as well as the seismic anchorage of equipment of all shapes, sizes, and weights. These can vary from relatively simple HVAC systems on roofs to heavy mining machinery supported several hundred feet above grade attached to existing or new structures. Our industrial projects span a wide range of industries, including semiconductor, biomedical, renewable solar power, water purifying, mining, paper manufacturing, food processing, and many other industries. PSE’s experience in piping analysis and piping support includes both industrial and commercial, as well as municipal projects such as potable water pipes and sewer pipelines.

  • PSE has designed anchorage for hundreds of units and counting!

  • We stay apprised of current structural modeling technology to provide the best possible service