Structural engineering services for public agencies and municipalities, including public buildings, transportation infrastructure and public spaces.

PSE has been involved with a variety of public and municipal related projects since our founding. These projects include an array of project types ranging from public buildings and spaces, to transportation infrastructure, to marine structures and facilities. While some structural categories within the Civil Infrastructure sector have become a specialty for PSE, such as reservoirs, pump stations, and parks and recreation related projects, we have been trusted to deliver structural engineering services for a broad range of public agencies and project types.

We have been trusted to deliver structural engineering services for a multitude of public agencies and project types.  


Public infrastructure is intended to serve its communities for generations to come, while also fitting within municipal and agency fixed budgets. PSE’s general design philosophy therefore strives to balance robustness and economical solutions. While there are specific considerations and design criteria that should be identified to ensure project elements are seismically and structurally sound, constructability, maintenance, and end-user satisfaction are elements that are equally as important. PSE’s familiarity and expertise with public works allows us to take constructability considerations throughout every design phase of a project. By taking care in our design and planning process, issues that can result from complex construction projects can be mitigated. Sequencing, evaluating site constraints, coordination of multi-discipline design teams, improved detailing, and performing on-site structural observations are some key factors used to ensure a smooth, successful project that is delivered on time and within budget.

  • Structural design knowledge ensures long-life, low-maintenance facilities

  • PSE is a Green Business Leader


Marine Environments offer a special challenge to structural design because they require in-depth experience and insight in order to complete projects successfully. Heavy loading from vessel impact, high wind zones and corrosive environments are just a few of the common design obstacles. PSE has vast involvement with waterfront and port work and as well as buoyant structures for both temporary and permanent installations. From design and construction support to rehabilitation, repair, maintenance or modernization of port, harbor and in service marine structures, PSE’s expertise provides practical solutions for freshwater and saltwater marine environments.

  • PSE has practical experience with challenging marine environments

  • We’ve solved many unique in-water structural challenges


PSE has provided structural engineering design services for a wide array of bridges and roadway structures -from light-duty vehicular bridge evaluations to design of pedestrian bridges for parks and trails, roadway structures, and retaining walls. We provide standardized bridge design packages used by federal government agencies and have comprehensive experience in the design and evaluation of trail, low-use and pedestrian bridges, and associated walls and abutments. Our bridges and roadway structures support people, cars, emergency vehicles, ATVs, and even farm animals.

PSE’s background includes bridges constructed of concrete, steel, wood and even whole logs. We have substantial experience designing bridge and roadway systems and are adept with engineering services from concept and schematic design through design and construction support services. Related expertise includes structural evaluations of existing infrastructure such as rehabilitation designs, bridge load rating evaluations, and seismic evaluations and related upgrades. Over the last several years, we have delivered many successful bridge and related roadway infrastructure projects, that include new design, rehabilitation and evaluation services to our public and private clients.

  • Designing bridges includes premanufactured bridge specification to full design of suspension bridges

  • Roadway structures include cantilever retaining walls, MSE walls, and soldier pile walls