Parks and Community

PSE provides structural engineering and design for parks and nature preserves; greenways and trails; public art and sculptures; and educational institutions.

We take great pride in each of our community-focused projects, and we understand our clients’ ongoing commitment to providing safe access to the parks, open spaces, facilities and program services which serve their communities. Our solutions are focused on increasing functionality, efficiency and safety, allowing agencies to apply limited resources wisely when installing new facilities or addressing repairs and upgrades to these high-use public spaces.

Community is an intrinsic part of PSE’s core values and any project which serves people, neighborhoods and generations is an important part of who we are.


Parks and recreation facilities are instrumental in providing public spaces for families and communities to gather, explore, relax and play. The diversity of projects found in the parks and recreation arena is large and often quite unique, encompassing public spaces and facilities such as parks, nature preserves, open space areas; greenways and trails; and buildings and structures for sport, recreation, or entertainment programs. PSE’s experience in providing structural engineering solutions in this arena is nearly as old at the firm itself. We work with architects and project teams as a partner who can recommend efficient and effective solutions, whether the vision involves an elaborate design or there is a desire to keep things simple.

PSE has designed, evaluated and upgraded high-use facilities, from large scale tennis and aquatic centers to field bleachers, skateboard ramps, elevated running tracks, and dive towers. We have also been involved with park designs that incorporate rest stations, community center buildings, amphitheaters, simple to elaborate shade structures, and concession stands that are very often designed to fit the unique architecture and culture of the surrounding community. PSE’s employees live and play in the spaces that we help to create. It’s always rewarding to see people enjoying the parks, facilities and amenities that we had a hand in designing.

  • Where engineering meets the outdoors

  • PSE specializes in designing safe and reliable facilities, structures and spaces


PSE has experience and insight in providing structural design for unique projects in the arts and entertainment sector. Projects may be relatively simple “static” public art installations and sculptures or entirely complex “dynamic” structures with multiple moving and actuated parts. Our portfolio includes mechanical parade characters that can be found in national theme parks and concert stages across the country, kinetic art sculptures, and amusement park exhibits each with its unique requirements and unconventional challenges. Our team of talented engineers doesn’t shy away from these challenging projects and enjoys working with our clients to develop innovative designs.

  • No building code for these structures!

  • These projects require both technical and creative talents


Design of educational institutions is multi-faceted, requiring familiarity with the design approval jurisdictions, sensitivity to the learning environment, and potential access limitations while schools are in session. Whether we are providing structural design for a new structure, or an evaluation, upgrade and repair of an existing facility, PSE offers our educational sector clients experience and understanding of structural engineering needs as they relate to on and off-campus design and construction. PSE also has a breadth of expertise with “non-school” structures, which districts and universities may own and are responsible for maintaining. Importantly, PSE’s seismic safety expertise as it relates to a wide variety of school structure types is extensive and exceptional.

  • We provide seismically resilient and functional designs for education-related structures

  • PSE loves supporting student athletics projects