Residential & Equestrian

The structures and structural elements found in Residential and Equestrian projects are very personal to the people who own them.

PSE understands and respects the custom design preferences of our clients, and we have the breadth of knowledge and experience to offer suggested solutions. We work with clients to find creative solutions for their unique project vision, while maintaining awareness of budget and timing constraints, and providing clear communication that keeps the project as a whole in mind.

The custom nature of residential and equestrian facility design often poses unique design challenges – and our talented engineers are up to the task!


Few things are as personal as a home and the comfort and joy it provides. PSE provides structural engineering services for residential customers, working with homeowners, developers, contractors, and architects. Our engineers are adept at finding structural solutions that fit the needs of the project, whether that encompasses residential upgrades, structural repairs, or custom design of a new multi-level home. From major structural services such as custom luxury homes to production level designs or multi-family developments, we have the expertise and experience to develop customized and cost-efficient designs to meet our residential customers’ needs.

PSE has worked with homeowners on a full spectrum of residential projects for decades. We specialize in complex custom home designs sited on difficult properties and incorporating specialized architectural features. Many of our projects also include considerations for wind and seismic loading, flood zone design, deck designs, framing needs, foundations and settlement issues, home additions and remodels, and variety of materials including wood, concrete and steel.

  • PSE is well-versed in seismic retrofits and improvements

  • We have a wealth of experience in residential forensics investigations


The design of equine facilities dedicated to the specific needs of the equestrian community is one of PSE’s niche areas of expertise. Throughout the United States and beyond, PSE has participated in the structural design for the specialized elements of equipment, housing, care, training, showing, and comfort of horses, their owners and caretakers. Many of these facilities are much more than just barns, but rather decorative, functional and architecturally appealing structures which serve multiple purposes, as well as structural support for mechanical training equipment.

PSE has provided services directly to horse owners, commercial and boarding facilities, and equine barn and equipment manufacturers and suppliers. We are keenly aware of the importance of integrating the architectural and functional aspects of equine-related designs along with the economic, reliability, and minimal maintenance considerations. Our engineers are committed to working in partnership with each client to deliver well engineered structural equine solutions that best fit their specific needs and personal preferences.

  • PSE has worked on world class equine facilities

  • PSE understands the unique needs & challenges in creating an equestrian facility that’s not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing