PSE is known for our ability to deliver straightforward solutions for unusual and tough engineering challenges.

Whether the challenge involves partial or full demolition, repair from fire, acts of nature or high impact damage, construction phase support for unexpected conditions, forensic investigations or just a structural design that hasn’t been completed before – PSE is up for the challenge and has the depth of knowledge to facilitate a solution.

Our clients trust us with some of their toughest challenges, knowing that our engineers will deliver solutions to fit the unique requirements of each project.


Demolition means and methods are complex and unique to each structure. Understanding the construction process is critically important to a project’s success, and PSE has been successfully supporting demolition and erection plans with detailed sequencing for decades. Our practical understanding of the building construction process allows us to offer demolition engineering services that ensure our clients can complete projects in the safest and most cost-effective manner possible.

  • Tear it down – PSE is on it!

  • Common sense & understanding Ultimate Strength make for safe demolition


PSE provides design and consulting services to general contractors for temporary structures required during project construction. Understanding the construction process is critically important, and PSE has been successfully working with contractors for decades. We know that economical designs and timely responses are critical to a successful project when assisting our contractor clients. Projects in this area may include the design of temporary shoring, cofferdams, tieback shoring walls, falsework, sheet pile walls and other excavation and support structures, including construction loading reviews and crane foundations.

  • Build it up – PSE is on it!

  • Whether in water or on dry land, we can design systems for your project construction to succeed


PSE has been called upon to provide forensic and expert witness structural services for decades. PSE is well versed in providing engineering investigation and determination of the causes of structural failures of buildings, bridges, and other facilities. We have also been retained to render expert opinion and/or expert witness testimony in judicial proceedings. Our forensic experience continues to serve a variety of clients from homeowners and contractors to attorneys and insurance agencies.

  • We represent both Defense and Plaintiff clients

  • Over 40 years of forensic experience