Finholm View Climb and Viewing Platforms

PSE evaluated three viewing platforms and one view climb located in the City of Gig Harbors’ parks system. The evaluation was part of the City’s regular maintenance plan which evaluated their framing, railing safety, and foundations. The largest system evaluated was the Finholm View Climb. This half-mile climb from North Harborview Drive to Franklin Avenue provides pedestrians access between the two streets via a 100-stair climb. The top of the climb offers impressive views of Mount Rainier, making the Finholm View Climb a highlight of the Gig Harbor parks system. After PSE completed the evaluation, a written evaluation report on each site was developed. These reports outlined deficiencies and proposed maintenance and repair actions to ensure the continued safe use of the platforms and view climb.

PSE identified potential foundation deficiencies in the Donkey Creek Viewing platform. This platform is typically used by the local schools to discuss salmon migration as it overlooks Donkey Creek. Based on PSE’s recommendation the platform was closed until it could be verified that the foundation was safe for public use.


  • Structural condition assessment

  • Onsite structural inspection

  • Detailed evaluation reports