Port of Astoria

PSE was contracted by the Port of Astoria to evaluate the feasibility of upgrading and repairing existing portions of their Pier No. 2 that had deteriorated to an unsafe and unusable condition. The area of distress encompassed over 650’ of water frontage and consisted of roughly 60,000 SF of area in plan. The in-situ construction consisted of the original wood construction and rail raceways which were severely deteriorated and unsafe and inoperable for use by the Port.

PSE’s preliminary evaluation consisted of a detailed field investigation to perform a condition assessment of the existing pier construction and framing and assess the ability of the existing piling and caps to be re-used. This included a review of existing documents and ultimately, a structural analysis of the existing conditions.

Following the initial investigation, a complete structural design for repair and upgrades was finalized. Repairs and upgrades included a resurfacing the pier with a new structural deck for heavy Port use and resurfacing the structural slab of the pier. The repair and upgrade design incorporated new jack stringers and a bumper/bull rail for the pier as well as detailing for the anchorage of cleats and mooring bollards to bring the pier back to full operation for Port usage and has been returned to the active inventory of the Port of Astoria for commercial use.


  • Field investigation of pier facility and structural elements

  • Structural analysis and design

  • Heavy port loading and boat load analysis

  • Upgrades and rehabilitation