Chevron Willbridge Terminal Butane Blending System


PSE provided structural design input and seismic review for an expansion of the butane blending structural system at the Willbridge Terminal Site. Project elements included seismic load generation, coordination and optimization of the design elements with the client, permitting application support, and construction support services. Design and Code conformance included ASCE 7, OSSC/IBC, and Chevron’s Structural Design Criteria (CSDC). Elements designed by PSE included the foundation design for a 90,000 gallon butane storage tank, a 100ft long pipe bridge, and a butane offload station platform and their corresponding access stair layout, anchorage and attachment, and foundation configuration. Additionally, PSE performed anchorage design for multiple ancillary structures which include a sample recovery skid, gasoline fast loop skid, butane injection skid, ethanol fast loop skid, electrical enclosure, and analyzer enclosure; as well as a slab design for the gasoline, ethanol, and butane skids. PSE also designed various supports, anchorages, and pier foundation needed for the variety of pipes interconnecting all the site structures.


  • Coordination of numerous interfacing elements

  • Continuous project support