City of Garden Grove Pump and Well Building Evaluations


This client needed a structural condition assessment of numerous city-wide pump station facilities encompassing 12 sites. The facilities included five pump and/or booster station structures and 13 well enclosure structures. PSE performed the necessary structural evaluations in conformance with an ASCE 41 “Seismic Evaluation and Retrofit of Existing Buildings” Tier 1 deficiency screening, which involves rigorous checklists based on the performance objective, hazard level, and type of construction. The screenings were performed by considering all structures as Risk Category IV and were based on the review of as-built drawings and on-site assessments at each facility. Structural assessment findings (such as level of deficiencies, operational risks and upgrade cost estimates) and corresponding recommendations were documented in a well-organized report to serve as a planning tool for the city’s asset management.


  • Multi-facility evaluation and condition assessment

  • On-Site structural evaluations

  • ASCE 41 Tier 1 Seismic Analysis

  • Technical Report documenting findings, risks, upgrade options and cost estimates

  • Asset management planning