Two 33.0 MG McMillin Reservoirs


This client needed to replace an existing 100.0 MG open basin, concrete lined reservoir with more modern, covered prestressed concrete water storage reservoirs that were seismically resilient and required minimal maintenance.

PSE was selected as the Structural Engineer of Record for this landmark potable water storage project, in which we provided full structural design as well as bid and construction support services. Bringing to bare our unmatched water reservoir expertise, we designed the two 33.0 MG McMillin Reservoirs at a diameter of 485 feet each. These new reservoirs were each larger than the length of a football field and represented the largest diameter prestressed concrete water storage reservoirs of their kind anywhere in the U.S. at the time of construction.  Designed in conformance with AWWA Standard D110 for Strand-Wound, Circular, Prestressed Concrete Water Tanks, these water storage reservoirs were built to be seismically resilient and require minimal maintenance.


  • AWWA D110 Strand-Wound Prestressed Concrete Reservoir Design

  • Largest diameter tanks of their kind

  • New tank design replaced an existing, aging open reservoir

  • Long lasting, low maintenance, seismic resilient structural design

  • Multi-discipline design coordination to accommodate site constraints and hydraulic requirements