Luuwit View Park

Spread across 16 acres of land, the multi-use Luuwit View Park provides recreational amenities to the local community and an adjacent elementary school. To enhance park services, the client required structural design of numerous elements including group shelters, restroom facilities, picnic structures, foundations for signage, lighting, and public art. As an iconic community focal piece, PSE designed a special, large polygonal shelter situated on a raised pedestal for the new outdoor amphitheater. It now functions as both a sun and rain shelter as well as a stage for park events. The folded angular structure compliments the views and natural surroundings of the park, resulting in a unique, functional, and aesthetically pleasing structure to serve the community. Algorithmic modeling was used to provide a precise design for the challenging architectural geometry. The design represented the collaborative efforts of the local community, a public advisory committee, municipal staff, and the team of design professionals.


  • Multi-angular architectural shaped design

  • Elaborate, park shelter structure

  • Triangular and polygonal detailing

  • Geometric steel design