PDX Coffee Kiosks


Two new free-standing coffee kiosks at the Portland International Airport were to be installed to serve the thousands of travelers it welcomes each day. PSE was hired to provide structural design of the new Stumptown Coffee Roasters Kiosk, located in the rotunda between Concourses B and C. Our design involved a cantilevered steel framing system to adequately support the roof and signage. Design of a second concession area for the Peet’s Coffee Kiosk, located past security along Concourse D, consisted of steel posts embedded in partial height walls to support a complicated, custom-built lighting lattice ceiling. The lattice elements were custom cut and assembled, requiring a specialized analysis to determine how loads were transferred to each post. In accordance with airport requirements, both kiosks were designed to an essential facility performance level and anchored to the existing airport elevated slab. Design included bracing for transformers and evaluation of penetrations at lower levels to confirm support of the kiosks above. Each kiosk’s unique brand aesthetic was very important, requiring many custom structural members and corresponding specialized design, as well as an atypical fastening and gravity analysis. The project required close coordination with the manufacturer, and an iterative analysis and design process in order to meet the structural requirements. This was all considered while also maintaining the architectural intent for each kiosk.  The final design received Port of Portland permitting and approval.


  • Atypical design detailing tailored to meet specific architectural features

  • Essential facility structural design

  • Retail and concession space